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Wi-Fi speed on 1GB

Joining in

What speeds are people getting on their Wi-Fi with the 1GB package? I am struggling to get over 80mbps on both my fire stick and iPhone 14, I have 2 Wi-Fi pods both located around 3 metres apart with the hub just above them, I struggle to crack 100mbps when iPhone is next to the hub. Wired speed is 920mbps.



The location of VM Hubs ( Wi-Fi Repeaters is critical ). Be aware as we cross each Wi-Fi repeater the speed tends to halve due to the half duplex nature of Wi-Fi & multiple repeaters in too lose a proximity to each other further degrade the speeds on a shared channel.

As a test, turn off both VM Pods, and used your IPhone speed test app at the location of each VM Pod, do you get a good result ? 

If not, the VM Pod has no chance of delivering decent performance from that location. 

Alessandro Volta

If you can watch 4K on your phone then its fine if you want the speed get a better phone or and a better wifi router  


Trouble shooter

The VM (PLUME) PODs are not Half Duplex unlike the old rectangle VM Powerline boosters, I get 600+Mb/s on my HUB4+SuperPod (both WIFI 5ac Link Speed 866Mb/s) on my PC, Nvidia Shield and Android phone (though first two are used wired outside of testing and can test my phone wired also).