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Where to start with Gig1 issues?

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Just installed new gig1 package today. Setup is Hub5 in modem mode to AC86U router to my desktop only currently. Speeds are shockingly low especially upload speeds of around 0.9mbps and i'm wondering what i can do next before i turn to the phones as i'm sure i'll just say cancel the whole thing considering the time it took them to sell me this package and for me to agree! I have came up from from a 250mb rock-solid Hub3 setup which gave me 31MB download consistently with the occasional blip. This Gig1 is giving around 350mbps, so around 45MB, i expected a lot more.

I still need to run realspeed test which i will do tomorrow but ive ran all the others and obviously its theupload which needs tweaking as i am seeing bursts of around 600-750 which die pretty quickly. Uploads stay at moreorless 0..

All commenst and advice would be appreciated.

Wifi speeds are similarly affected as the throughput dies away.



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Quick screenshot, do these speeds and config file look aok?

Uploads are in the kbps < 1 so it makes snse to me that downloads will be affected.


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Very Insightful Person

You need to post all the power levels from the Downstream and Upstream tabs.  Please copy and paste the information as text into several posts if needed.

Also post the Network log in a similar fashion.  The Board software will remove the MAC addresses etc automatically.

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"Speeds are shockingly low especially upload speeds of around 0.9mbps"

Note : The Hub 5's Upstream Max Traffic Rate is set at 110 Mb/s.

Check for a local service issues via : 0800 561 0061

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I did post the newtork log but it seems to not have made it?

Issues are exactly the same. I did ring up andwas told a fault ticket would be raised?

But upload speeds are non existent with just a token burst of around 1Mbps then quickly fall off a cliff back to around 0.3 mbps

I have been back and forward at their request to router mode and the famous pinhole/reset procedure, still the same.

I did try to do a realspeed test when in router mode and it just failed saying realspeed wasnt on the device, i assume the Hub5, most strange? and that

i could order a whitebox (?) to assist with this?

I'm losing faith in the upgrade and will hang in till after the weekend and then cancel if the situation doesnt improve.

This was a Gig1 / phoneline / o2 sim package and so far i have little speed increase, a phoneline which has lost the cli ability it had previously and am yet to see an o2 sim, not impressed to say the least.

Anyway, little point in ranting here> If anyone spots a problem with those config settings please let me know..   thx!



Anyone to take a look at this for me.

Despite being fobbed off with a line check by CS and then the call dropped im no further forward.

Who do i speak with to move this one, UK based preferably.

getting a bit peeved at Virgin after having a stable 250mbs line for years.

Am i even able to go bak to my old service, ive still got the HUB3 router 'primed for action' as i'm still

within my 14 day cooling off period and its looking ever likely that i'll be using it !!

Did you check for a known local service issues via : 0800 561 0061 ?

Yes ... there are none apparaently.

Here's a speedtest not using realspeed.



Thats pretty consistent for the upload speed, download varies between 500 and the above.

I do run a vpn, this test excludes that obviously.

WITH a vpn in place i'm getting around 300 down and 99 up.

Yes, 99 up, presumably using the vpn servers which appear to be working damn hard unlike Virgins.

That to me shows that the problem is with Virgin, but who do i chase up for an initial resolution?

Maybe once the upload issues are resolved the download will come back into line itself?



Left some compromising address in the previous screenshot, i see now. So heres attempt number 2