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Volt M500 wi-if speed massively drops every few metres from hub

Tuning in

I’m currently isolating with COVID in my son’s bedroom who is away at the moment. I knew the wi-fi was poor in this room but I always just assumed it was because of the OG PS3 and PS4s he has in the room. Having been stuck in here for the whole day and had really slow loading for web pages on my iPhone or iPad I’ve noticed the following:

If I run a speed test with either the iPhone or iPad whilst stood next to the hub I get a connection of 400 - 500 Mbps. Walk to the dining area, which is open plan from the living room and only 10-15ft away or into the hall and the results drop to 100 - 200 Mbps. Walk up the stairs to the two back bedrooms or into the kitchen and it’s suddenly as low as 20 - 35 Mbps. Can’t try the main bedroom directly above the hub just now, don’t think Mrs Gedeye will appreciate me wandering in there at this time of night given I’m meant to be isolating from her!

We were sent a booster box a couple of years ago for poor connection but that recently ‘blew up’ after we had been away on holiday. When we returned and turned the plug back on, it sparked and let out a burning smell. Naturally I unplugged it and haven’t yet got round to reporting it. Whilst I’m sure Virgin will replace that free of charge (well they should!) I just wondered what peoples thoughts were. The booster they sent was meant to help with ‘blind’ spots in the house but surely in this case, it’s evident the range of my router is woefully inadequate. I’m paying for this service for more than just use from the sofa opposite the tv and hub!


Ps…. No there are no fish tanks in the house! And I tested the speed in the bedroom I’m in with the door open to the living room at the foot of the stairs and the door open to the bedroom directly at the top of the stairs. There are also no walls between the hub and the dining room where it is less than half.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Its normal for the speeds to drop like this, that's typical of wifi.


Boosters won't help your speed but will increase the range

I don’t think dropping signal strength/speed by 95%* 30-40ft from the router is within an acceptable range. Is this normal for Virgin or normal for every broadband providers router? I struggle to believe this is the norm for most routers in the market but respectfully defer to your insightful status.

*from 500 to 25.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It's normal for a budget router provided by your ISP, of course if you want to spend £100s on a top of the range one you probably will get better results 

Fair enough. Thanks for the replies. 👍

I spoke to someone via Online chat and they said I’m eligible for 3 of the new pods. The first has been sent out and is due for delivery on Friday. Great. They’re only authorised to send one at a time though, so I have to wait 72 hours after the first arrives before requesting the second and the same again for the third. 🙄 Anyway, let’s see what difference this makes.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Gedeye

Hope the recovery is going well firstly.

Sorry about the WiFi issue. I am glad we're sending you a Pod. Let us know how you get on with it, as normally most people don't need more than 1 🙂


Forum Team

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Just a quick update. I have received 2 pods since first posting and now in the rear bedroom I seem to be able to get speeds of around 80-150 compared to 15-25 previously. Won’t ask for a third pod as the connection is even faster in other rooms of the house & I’m content whilst that remains.