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Vivid 200 Gamer (WA16)


I have been having issue with my Vivid200 gamer connection for the past 10 days or so.

I have tested the speed on multiple occasions, via ethernet with no other devices connected.

I am getting around 50Mbps 24/7 not the 220 I am used to.

I contacted Virgin and they tell me that everything is fine as I am getting 200+ on which they host.

Every other independent speed checker is giving me around 50Mbps (I have tried over ten.)  The results that I normally obtain from the other speed tests have correlated with the results from up until I started experiencing the problems.

Virgin tell me the connection is fine and so does  We are a high usage household and i can tell you, hand on heart that we are getting around 50 and not 200Mbps.  I know because my sons keep getting kicked from gaming server, Netflix does not stream well etc.

Not happy at all and loosing faith in Virgin TBH, especially as the girl on the phone managed to slow down the connection forcing me to reset my router to the default setting and now the WiFi password will not allow me to log into the hub.

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Re: Vivid 200 Gamer (WA16)

Thanks for posting trisd and sorry to hear about the connection issues experienced,


I can see that you've since spoken with the team regarding this further.


I've double checked everything from this end and I've not been able to detect any fault via the equipment levels or network segment at the moment.


Have you tried to complete another hardwired speed test via since posting? If so, what are the results received?


Hope to hear back from you soon,



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