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Virginmedia Gig1 300mbit

Joining in


I purchased Gig1 probably 8 months ago now, previous I was on 600mbit and was getting around 700mbit download, I wanted to upgrade for the 50mbit upload..

I upgraded and noticed I was only getting around 900mbit (for the first month or so), for the last 6 months (probably longer tbh but cant remember exactly) I have only been getting just over 300mbit (upload is still 50mbit+), contacted their support, as usual, useless and clueless, said they were going to monitor the line (which they did, I got a phone call back saying everything OK the connection didn't drop out.. I never even mentioned anything about the connection dropping out)

Been busy with work so not had chance to ring them back, but scrolling through the forum is seems like a common thing with Gig1, I was getting better download speeds on 600mbit.

Just wondering if there is there anything obvious in the status logs? 





Community elder

What does this site show?


RealSpeed is not available on this network
To fix this:

Make sure you are on your home network.
Make sure you are not connected to a VPN (for example, on a work laptop).
If you continue to get this message, check our help centre.

Think this is because my VM router is in modem mode and my main router I'm using is ASUS (which I know is not the issue)


Just enabled ping requests on my router, the red was before they were enabled.


Hi @lukeyx,

Thank you for your posts and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm very sorry to hear that you're facing some issues with your connection recently. I've checked over things on our systems and I'm unable to detect any faults currently that would explain this.

Is this issue ongoing for you today? If so, can you share a live BQM with us instead of a screenshot? That way we can look at your connection in real-time.


Zach - Forum Team
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Take the time to run the Hub in Router mode and perform a full Realspeed test.

Without knowing exactly what the Hub is doing, there is no baseline information on which to draw any conclusions as to where or why speed is less than expected.

We can't know kit is, or is not working as expected unless we have tested it in isolation.