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Virgin wont let upgrade my broadband from 200

Hi, any advice appreciated..

I live in a block of 12 flats and all my neighbours that have virgin use the same fibre. Nothing special has been implemented. Most of those are on 350mbs or 500mbs. I am on 200mbs and have called virgin a couple of times to upgrade and keep getting told that the maximum for my flat is 200mbs, which makes no sense as we all share cables. The virgin people I have spoken with tell me to make a complaint, which I have done but that has fallen into a black hole and they also tell me to register for 1GB next year!!!

Has anyone else experienced this.? Any recommendations to get someone to look at my case and actually give virgin more money??



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Re: Virgin wont let upgrade my broadband from 200

Go the the VM homepage and near bottom right is red text "Not A Customer" click on it and go and look at the broadband packages as if you are new and enter your postcode and a house number next to you and see what is offered.

Then call retention's and get upgraded.

I can get 1Gb/s that way and did get the 500 recently and in the past 350>300 etc etc that way.


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