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Virgin gig1 super slow speed ?

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i used to have 350 and whenever I’d do a speed test next to the WiFi box I’d usually get about 360 ish and about 100 in my room which was great. 

I renewed my contract to the gig1 and even since I have had it. I rarely break past 400. And the. Speed in my room is around 80. It’s absolutely terrible. I have done all the WiFi tests and it says the router speed is 1132 which is what it should be but I get absolutely no where near that. 


I have a hub 4. Can someone explain why I have such terrible speeds. Hopefully open reach will be ready and I can cancel and get out of this horrid VM mess. Genuinely baffled unless I’ve made a mistake somewhere ?


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You don't pay for full speed over WiFi to one device, you pay for the connection to your HUB, which is then shared across multiple devices at the same time (So 1130Mbps across several devices is possible). The minimum guaranteed speed over WiFi is 30Mbps:

The HUB 4 uses the WiFi-5 standard, which on most devices is a max of 866Mbps connection speed. Take into consideration external factors and around 500 - 600Mbps is the fastest you'll see to one device. Some devices can only connect at 433Mbps, and cheaper device even less.

400Mbps is about right to be honest.

The HUB 5 uses WiFi-6, however are your devices WiFi-6 capable?

I mean it’s just my ps5, laptop and iPhones. I understand what you’re saying but the point of me mentioning my speeds was due to the fact that I’ve not bought a package 2/3times faster than my previous package but my speed has not changed 


The speed to the Hub has changed & was seen at 1132 Mb/s 

What has not changed is at the distance you are performing these speed tests over Wi-Fi,  the connection rate between the Wi-Fi Devices & the Hub has become the limiting factor.

5Ghz Wi-Fi is great for headline speed, but it fades rapidly in homes with internal brick walls.

To achieve super fast Wi-Fi at a distance from the Hub consider a dual band Wireless Access point connected to the  Hub via a network cable.

You have confirmed the router is receiving full speed but your devices are now worse. It's no secret Virgin routers are garbage when it come to Wi-Fi. IMO anyone with M250 and above should use their own Wi-Fi equipment. It don't cost more than £70 for a decent hardware. Otherwise you just throwing money away at the 1Gbs speed.

I have M350 and as a typical house the router is placed by the front wall. When I sit in the rear extended kitchen which is about 40ft away and 2 solid walls between and also surrounded by a large fridge. The Hub3 was very unstable.

When I added my own Wi-Fi equipment I got full speed at the same spot. To me its just a waste to pay for 1Gbs and rely on Virgins garbage Wi-Fi.

As for speed test, I have done some test at my brothers property that has Community Fibre 1Gbs. At close range my phone with a Wi-Fi 6 (1x1 MUMO) got to about 500Mbs but my work laptop with Wi-Fi 6(2x2 MUMO) got 800Mbs. So 400Mbs using Virgin garage router seems reasonable

Speed test.jfif

M125 Volt powered by TP-Link Archer AX55

I see, so do you think it’s worth cancelling and just reverting back to 350 since it’s providing me with the same speeds ? Or would it be better to try a different WiFi provider ?

Hi @Hx98 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Sorry to hear your WiFi speeds have not improved since the upgrade.

For the WiFi, please could you download the Connect App and then run wireless scans in the property? This will check and identify any coverage issues, if a Pod needed, you'll be prompted to order.

Are you also able to run a wired speedtest via laptop/PC to see what wired speeds you're getting?

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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  apparently this result of 6mbps is a “Great Result” and no prompt was needed