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Virgin customer service awful.


Has anyone else had the worst experience in their life with the Virgin media customer service and packages in general.

Just thought I’d air my issues and experience. I opened a package with Virgin in may 2020 100mb broadband and mix it tv. I have been in contact consistently nearly weekly with the same issues. Broadband speeds don’t reach higher than 30mbs download. Engineers being sent out fixes it for a day then the following day same issues prevail. 

I finally had enough after live chats throughout lockdown and phone calls. I caved and tried to upgrade my package thinking this would hopefully resolve download speed issues. I was wrong. 

first issue is I upgrade online from £37 to £39 200mb offer I had received. Two days later still no speed increase. I call the customer service team, who advised no such upgrade had been issued even though I had my email and reference to hand and screenshot. They then go on to tell me I would need to pay £46pm for them to complete this upgrade to which I refused and was so angry that they offered me a upgrade which they couldn’t uphold. 

So after an hour of back and forth from supervisors to retentions, they finally found my upgrade and apologised and said they would upgrade the package and keep me on my £37pm deal. Perfect!

days later my statements generates ... £46pm and no discount or credit!


back on the phone for another hour to an retentions agent who tells me that I have to pay £46 as this is what I agreed! I exploded, I couldn’t deal with the stress virgin cause I had been in contact weekly for 5 months about the wifi speeds  and the lies and rubbish they feed you for excuses. 

the agent then says they found that the agent who had agreed £37 hadn’t applied their rolling credit. Apologises once again reassured me that it would all be sorted just pay £37 as agreed she would email the original agent to fix the rolling credit of £9pm. 

long and behold a week passes, the payment of £46 is taken no credit has been applied and my speeds are still a max 59mbs!!


im absolutely sick to death of virgin media, never in my life have I experienced customer service like this. Liars,thieves! I’m almost certain they do this so you get to the point where you accept they won’t help and you just have to pay what they say. 

june 2021 my package ends and you can bet your life I will never be seeking anything to do with virgin again in my lifetime.

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