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Virgin Uploads are terrible - multiple sites

Hello all. I manage a large number of customer's home networks across London and the South East. I noticed yesterday on a new installation that the site was not able to achieve 3mbps upload, average testing came in between 2 and 3. It was the second site on that road so I checked the speed of the first site. The same. Then I thought I best check some of my other customers with Virgin across London - every single one of them measures less than 3mbps upload speed during the day. What the hell is that all about?

I would say now that two thirds of those customers I have returned to and fitted a second Openreach based connection as Virgin has proven so unreliable they are unable to maintain a connection at home. These are high profile clients that need to remain online, and now they are high profile clients that do not need to hear their kids screaming at the lack of internet! 

All of these customers will go FTTP the day orders are open in their area. Virgin you absolutely suck.

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Re: Virgin Uploads are terrible - multiple sites

If you have high value clients then have you considered leased lines? They are well within the budget of that type of customer now, and companies like Gamma and Virtual1 can have you set up to resell very quickly.

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