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Virgin Media Hub 3 Port(s) Issue


Hello again.

The for the past how long now my mum-in-laws Hub 3 has been switching from 1GiB to 100MB port speeds, as detected using my own router, this has been happening randomly now on all 4 ports on the Hub 3, it's not really bothered me but when you're constantly having to swap ethernet cables it gets a bit of a pain.

Before people start jumping the gun, I have tried numerous ethernet cables that are only 0.3M long, the 3rd party router is literally by the hub. I've eliminated it being the router as it's pretty much new, and the ethernet cables are solid.

Is this a sign of the Hub 3 starting to fail on me, I can live swapping the ports now and again but it's get tedious when it happens and I get the other half chewing my ear off the internet is slow, when I know it's not but clearly a hub issue, also, I've also noticed as well it's running very warm, warmer than usual and yes, it's in a well ventilated area, so I can only assume the Hub 3 is well near the EoL.

What options do I have, well my mum-in-law? She's not tech savvy nor her daughter hence why I'm posting this post.

Thanks again and look forward to a positive reply.


Alessandro Volta

For flip sake just test a PC to the hub without a router and hub in modem mode and be done with it!