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Very slow internet

My internet signal in my flat is terrible, I can get a signal in the living room but in any other room it is slow and pretty unusable. 

as I can’t get an areal in my bedroom I rely on the internet to watch tv ext but this isn’t working at all. 

I only ever have max 3 devices in use and my bedroom is next to thre living room in a very small flat - so not miles away from the router. I upgraded to 100mbp internet but have been told this isn’t a guarantee for wireless connection. 

Iv now been asked to upgrade and pay more for a booster - but I’m not sure if I have the faith this will work as was promised higher internet would and now virgin have gone back on that promise! 

feel helpless as I’m not very techie and I really struggle but all I’m getting from the call centres is pressure but a booster or upgrade - but with one wage this isn’t really something I want to do! Any ideas? 

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Re: Very slow internet

Which Hub do you have?

Which lights are illuminated on the Hub?

Can you set up a direct connection using a Cat 5E/6 cable between the Hub and a and a 1Gb capable Pc/Mac/Chromebook and no other items connected and then run a speed test at and then post the results on here.


Then type into your browser URL bar and press enter.  When the page appears DO NOT LOG IN but click ‘Check Router Status’. Copy and paste the contents of each tab onto here, a Guru will be along in the not too distant future to decipher the info.


Mike Robinson
Aircraft Engineer & Computer Based Training and Learning Designer for many of the world's Military Arms.

My Broadband Ping - 26_Aug_2020
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