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VM speeds are a complete joke, my brodband has NEVER been stable for longer than a week

On our wavelength

I rely on high download and upload speeds for my work / hobbies and I have never experienced a week where I did not have issues


What is frustrating is that checking the service in the area it always says everything is fine, and it only starts saying "We are aware of an issue" when I check it several time in succession


Have a look at this DQM:


I am not sure how to share previous days but the latence is even worse with a lot of dropped packets


I installed the VM app because I was told on the phone it's easier to request help from it and all I can do is the same steps as the website (inputting postcode/last name and the website telling me everything is fine, then doing a hub check and it telling me it's fine) or post on the forums. 0 ways for me to request technical help as there is something obviously wrong 


I had several engineers come to my property at the start of a year for another unrelated issue (that resulted in me having total loss of service for 11 days and no compensation despite opening a complaint)



What can I even do now to resolve my issues beside waiting and praying for it to get better for a couple days at a time? VM has a monopoly on fibre in my area and they make zero attempt at providing a decent service because they know the customers have no alternatives


From looking at the connection and equipment DontSubToVM we can see the speeds to the Hub are fine, they're averaging over 379mbs download and 34mbs upload, latency is showing as 10ms.


There are issues with the power levels for the downstream channels which will require a technician to attend and take a look at as these are out of spec. I will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you to arrange this.