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Upload tanking from 26Mbps to 2 since Wednesday 19th, 8pm BST

Tuning in


So a virgin assistant on twitter asked me to write here. I don't think it'll help. 

Since Wednesday 19th, my upload died and went from 26 to 1-4 for about three hours starting 8pm BST. Came back after 11pm. Nothing happened on Thursday, but on Friday it happened again for the same time but came back about 9pm. Saturday was the worst... It tanked at 8pm till 8.45pm came back and went again from 9.45pm to early hours this morning. 

Im.currently isolated at home and I cope by streaming. This helps my mental health cut also gives me another spruce of income so I don't struggle as much. However, with my upload tanking so badly, I have to cut my streams. This is ruining my mental health. I missed a tech appointment today but it never showed in my appointments. The next they have given me is 27th. That will be a whole week of struggling on my own here with literally no one to talk to or a way to earn my second income. I've called the helpline and all I get told is there is an issue in my area that's taking longer than anticipated to solve. I have had no phone updates about this even though I'm subscribed to get texts. 


And I have also rebooted my hub several times and it goes not fix anything. I would like to stream, what can I do?


Tuning in

Also apologies for the typos. Typing this on mobile sucked.

Hi EnbyEiri,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to see your upload has been dropping, I was able to, locate you on our system with the details we have for you and cannot see any issues at all.

How have things been since you last post.



Well my upload just went again whilst I was live so clearly there is still an issue in my area. I've done all the rebooting stuff you've recommended and this never fixes it. And I'm losing income whilst this is going on. I know the other companies do not offer the speeds you do but if this carries on I'm switching cos this is ruining my mental health and my second income and I cannot afford for this to keep having. I'm losing followers cos of the streams tanking. So please fix this upload.

And another updated, it dropped out again last night and throughout today as well. It's still happening and it's been a week =/ Now ik concerned as supposedly a tech is coming out tomorrow morning but if no one can see an issue, how can they fix this also the appointment isn't showing on my Virgin media account so is it even happening?

Hi @EnbyEiri,

Thanks for coming back to us. 

I can not see a technician was arranged to come out to you but looking at the systems note a work order was raised with our second lines fault team. It is showing as completed.

Are you still having issues?

Forum Team

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I "think" it's fixed now but I'll know for certain in a few hours. 

And yeah I was told three times over either web chat or on phone about an electronic tech calling and it never happened which was rather confusing for me.

Sorry to hear you never received your technician call @EnbyEiri. This is not the level of service we look to provide.

Just to confirm has the issue occurred since Monday? Do you need any further help?


Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs