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Upload speed is slow

I upgraded to the gig 1 fibre my download speed is the best I have ever got but I have noticed that my upload speed now is really slow when a was on my old router my upload speed was well higher then this 
this is on Ethernet cable not WiFi any help how to fix this ?

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Re: Upload speed is slow

Can you please upload your router stats and set up a BQM

Type or ( if you have your Hub in Modem mode) into your address bar at the top of your browser

DO NOT LOG IN, just click “Check Router Status” at the bottom of the page. Sometimes the “Check Router Status” is missing, in this case just go ahead and log in and go to Advanced Settings-> Tools-> Network Status.

Please copy and paste the contents of the Downstream, Upstream, Configuration and Network Log tabs, if you get a yellow warning just click the Post button again.

You can use more than one post for each item if needed!

If you get a warning when you hit “Post” just hit “Post” again and it should work ok!

Please do not use screenshots

Also can you please setup a Broadband Quality Monitor (BQM) at Just click on Create a new monitor.

Under your graph you just created Click (Share Live Graph)

Copy the text in the “Direct Link” box and paste it on here

Super Hub 4.0 (modem mode) - Gig1 Fibre FTTP - Asus RT-AX82U & Asus RT-AX56U with AiMesh setup
My Broadband Ping - conman33158
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