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Upload speed incredibly slow, seems to be restricted

I am working form home now (obvs!) and sourcing shared files from Dropbox, doing web development etc etc. So lots of traffic both ways. In the last two or three days I have noticed the upload speeds have been radically curtailed.

Today it has been operating at around 0.2 — 0.3Mbs!!
Download speeds not great but generally better (I am on a 100Mb connection).

The uploads speeds are effectively preventing me from working at home.

In desperation I spoke to Virgin today and asked for an upgrade to a 200Mb connection — the lady on the phone said she could see a lot of traffic on my connection (stands to reason!) and mentioned something about 60Gb uploaded this month (which seems reasonable). And that the connection was 'being managed'!

Is this possible? Can VM throttle upload speeds to this degree?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Screenshot 2020-04-28 18.28.06.png


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