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Upload speed dropped

Joining in

Evening all. I've seen a dramatic drop in my upload speeds starting a couple of weeks ago. I've tried usual reboots, checked connections, tried testing at different times of day, different tests and different devices (image is from Google router so wired connection to virgin hub). I'm also seeing packet loss of about 8% when it always used to be 0%. If I do the connection test on VM website, it just always says there are issues in my area, check back later (even though the status says everything is fine in my area). Are there issues and if so is it those issues causing the poor up speeds? Any help or tips appreciated 😊




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Valiantviking,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you've been having with your broadband service. 

I have taken a look on our side and there is a reported fault in the area. 

It is an SNR fault. The fault reference is: F010213944. 

The estimated fix date is: 05 NOV 2022 15:00.


Hi Martin. Thanks for getting back to me and confirming the fault. I'll keep an eye on it next week and hopefully it improves. Have a great weekend.



Hi there @Valiantviking


Thank you very much for your patience and I have checked to see that the outage has now finished, which it has. 


Are you able to let us know how things are looking for you? 


Thanks again. 

Hi Ash. All looking good now, thank you. High 30s/low 40s upload speed and packet loss back to 0. Thanks for checking back 🙂