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Upgraded upload speed now faster than my download speed

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I just rebooted by router and the upload speed is now much better - faster than my "1Gig" download speed! Not very impressed. The PC being tested is wired with Cat6 directly into the router. The SanKnows RealSpeed test indicates (as usual) that I have 1 Gig to the router, but after the router, the download speed to wired PCs is rubbish




File copy from my NAS drive is fast suggesting my network cables are fine



I suspect the router (it runs hot with59C measured coming out of the top), but a similar complaint over a year ago produced no change in performance (I never get close to 1 Gig download spped), and the visiting technicians never bring their own certiifed device to check the real wired download from the router speed - they just accept what SamKnows states and tell me the problem is mine not their's.


PS - OpenReach are now in my area, so maybe it is time to change.





The file transfer shows a copy proceeding at 64.2MB/s which is almost 10 times the result of the Realspeed test so the PC & the network cabled connection to the Hub are quite capable of good speeds.

The slow functioning of the PC on both speed tests needs further investigation, check the link to the Hub is holding at 1Gb/s and then re-test on the PC using a different web browser.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi there apblive, thanks for reaching out on our help forums and the VM community.

We're sorry to hear of the problems with your connection and speeds recently, we'd love to see how we can best help with this.

Upon our latest service checks, there don't seem to be any issues currently present in your area network that could explain this.

Also, the hub looks currently online and with a healthy connection at the minute, are you able to pop us a reply and update us on how things looks after your above post?

Can we ask if you experience any disconnections/drop outs, slow speeds or latency and packet loss after testing different browsers and/or devices as well as cables and ports, in this case (based on SamKnows realspeed tests)?

Are any of the problems present over wireless too and have you tested your performance and speeds with the computer on safe mode and modem mode, just to see if the same occurs there?

Let us know more on the above and we're eager to support you.

Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Thanks for the suggestions. I get the same with Chrome:




and with Edge:


I have been having drop-outs etc when streaming to a different (wired) laptop. This is nPerf test just now - note download speed dropped to zero half way through test.


A VM Tech is visiting today as an online VM troubleshooter identified a problem of some sort. I will update on the outcome.

Fibre optic

I wouldn't be surprised if you need a Hub swap, but try a pinhole reset on the one you have first.

On our wavelength

Well, the plot thickens. The tech replaced the Hub4 with a Hub5, and I spent the evening sorting out my fixed IP address mapping etc, and connecting to my Tenda Nova wifi mesh. The tech suggested letting the hub5 settle in before testing. Initial tests not promising, but this afternoon my partner was out so I could take over her office where the hub5 is and test.

I disconnected everything from the Hub5 and directly wire connected my laptop, which I started in safe mode with networking. This was the result:


So, it works...  I then rebooted Windows 10 and tried again:


Clearly something on my laptop is throttling download speeds (but also on my partner's office desktop, and another laptop). I can't work out what it is. I had a go at ending sets of tasks in Task Manager, but that had no effect. When I do the Sam Knows speed test, only my browser is using network bandwidth - and nothing else was connected.

Disconnecting the ethernet cable and connecting with wifi gave me ~115 Mbps - I obviously couldn't check wifi in safe mode. My Pixel 7a phone gets ~600Mbps next to the Hub5 and ~500Mbps via my Tenda Nova Mesh wifi

The upload speeds are rock solid in all configurations, so it is just downloading to Windows 10 in unsafe mode that is the problem, and I am at a loss as to why. I pause things like onedrive, vpn etc when doing the speed tests that run slow, so there is no competition for bandwidth - but task manager says there is none anyway.

Any suggestions gratefully received.






this is on a laptop? double check power options? also check there are no ethernet driver updates, my speeds more than doubled after doing that. 

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig2 (XGSPON)

Alessandro Volta

post a link to what you get here

Bufferbloat and Internet Speed Test - Waveform


I'd suggest disabling the startup items, one at a time, with a reboot inbetween to identify the culprit.

Sorry to hear this is still ongoing for you @apbliv 

Please do keep us updated with how you get on - let us know if you've managed to find the issue and resolved the issue after checking to see any LAN drivers needed a update or what was running in your start up that was causing the issue. 

We can try and support further should you need. 

Here to help 🙂
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