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Upgraded to 1Gig, but it seems slow


I have recently upgraded from 500gb internet to 1Gig but on average I'm only getting an extra 100mb and sometimes the speedtest (run on a wired connection) is showing slower speeds.
The 500mb broadband was always rock solid and it was rare for it to drop below the speed I was expecting.

It's very strange that the 1Gig internet seems to be providing a much more inconsistent speed, I'll post my stats to see if anyone can see what's going on. 




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Any upstream?

The ones so far are broadly okay as far as I can see except for a handful of uncorrectable errors on the 3.1 channel. 

Sorry, I seemed to forget to post the upstream stats


Is the 1Gig broadband just simply not as 'rock solid' as the slower packages.
I wouldn't question it if I'd not had such a consistent 500mb service and that I've so far not once seen speeds above 800Mb 

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Channel 3 upstream is out. Should be 64 qam.

Try a 30 second pinhole reset of the hub with no ethernet connection and check all cables and connections are tight and secure and not kinked or damaged.

Lastly check for local issues on 0800 561 0061. 

I've done a full reset of the superhub and that channel is still showing as 16QAM and not 64QAM like the rest.

No issues reported in my area.

Does a technician need to take a look?

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I think so. Call VM on 0345-454-1111.