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Upgraded from m500 to gig1

Joining in

I’ve upgraded from the m500 to gig1 over the phone, I’ve been emailed my new contracts and got told the speed goes up pretty much straight away and hours later it’s not? Anyone with any experience of this?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi ck76 

Which hub do you have?  I would imagine it's a hub 3 since your speed before the regrade request was M500.

In the unlikely event that you already have a hub 4 or hub 5 then try rebooting the hub to see if the new speed kicks in.

The hub3 isn't capable of Gig1 speeds, so you should be getting supplied with either a hub4 or a hub5.

Once you've received and installed the new hub your speed will be increased to Gig1.

Is your new contract showing yet in ?

It may have the start date of when your speed will be increased, and also show if a hub4 or hub 5 has been ordered.

Also if you are being sent a new hub then you should be able to check it's been ordered by scrolling down to Orders & Appointments, then click on View your orders. You can also view this in the My VM app.

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I’ve got the new hub 5x and the new XGS-PON system. Apparently virgin are saying as this technology is brand new they are struggling to upgrade people’s speeds as the systems arnt set up for it yet? However they have took the money and given me a contract with gig1 on it. The new cabling with XGS-PON is capable of 10gig

They have told me it should be giving me the gig speeds and on my contract I’m on the gig speed and they have forwarded the issue to project management. Apparently everyone on the new system is having the same problem if they upgrade, surely they shouldn’t be advertising this if it’s not possible? And allowing people to upgrade as we are now bound into a contract that isn’t deliverable 

Hi @ck76,

Thank you for your posts and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear that there's a dispute with your broadband package and speeds. What speeds are you currently getting when you run a wired speed test? What broadband package is listed on your online account?


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi zach the package currently listed on my account is gig1 as I upgraded, however I’m still getting the m500 speeds when I do a wired speed test. The customer service agents are aware of this and are saying people on the new xgs-pon service arnt currently able to upgrade due to the technology being new and not sending the new speeds down the lines? I was told my account was able to receive the gig1 speeds and they allowed me upgrade. I have the new 5x hub. They are saying they have raised a ticket with the project management team who are overseeing the xgs-pon rollout? Thanks 

hi Zach.

There isn’t a dispute they are admitting that people on xgs-pon are not able to receive a change in speed as the systems aren't set up for it yet. However, they have allowed me to upgrade and I’m paying for gig1 but still receiving m500 speeds. The agents I’ve spoken to are acknowledging this and raised the matter to the project team working on xgs-pon. I’m just wondering how long this is going to take to get sorted? Thanks 

Hi @ck76, thanks for the reply on the Virgin Media forums. 👋🏼

I've had a look on the account notes and can see corrections were made.
Are you able to confirm whether or not the speeds correspond to your package?

Let us know.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Hi, yes I am aware they have upgraded my contract/account to the gig1 package which is great however I am still receiving the m500 speeds, I know the new xgs-pon is leased by virgin from nexfibre could this be the issue as to why the new speeds are unable to be received? Do you need to get nexfibre to do something? As it’s not virgin infrastructure/cabling like the normal virgin system? 

Thanks for getting back to us @ck76.

Are you able to run a speed test here and show the results?

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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