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Upgraded broadband speed now things are even slower and download speed keeps fluctuating

Tuning in

Hi all, I’m hoping someone can help me with an on going issue I’ve been having basically as long as I’ve been with VM. So in a nutshell I had the M250 broadband and things were great from the moment the tech installed it and he personally showed me the speed tests and everything was amazing, fast forward a few months and then the problems have started, I get wifi drops in far corners of my house which is understandable it’s the furtherest from the hub but I have such an annoying issue when it comes to gaming, so basically if I have my Xbox console in my bedroom I can get my max download speed pretty much all the time but if I bring it to the living room (keep in mind my hub is here and the Xbox would be right beside it) I get horrible latency problems and party chat lag/game lag it’s actually horrendous, I use to reset my router and this would fix it but not anymore, I have since found out through having this problem countless nights that it does this when my bedroom tv is on and streaming? Now I understand if my 4K tv is streaming Netflix etc my speeds would drop slightly but with the location of my Xbox being beside the hub and even disconnecting everything else bar the tv and the Xbox it never improves it so can anyone help with this? It seems to be a unique situation I haven’t seen in this community.

ps, I have since upgraded to a volt M350 package last week and upon arriving home the day of the change I was getting 400mbps in speed tests but now continuously drops in massive amounts to as low as 2/3mbps and over 600 in latency which is insane and I never had that before I got the switch over (this is on all my devices) I’ve just started a new contract and I don’t want the hassle of leaving when I know the potential, I just need a definite fix solution and not have the problem of inconsistent speeds and the wifi dropping off completely at times. I also have a wifi pod ordered but hasn’t arrived but this was just to help boost the black spot I have in my home so I know this would not rectify my problem. 



Speed test the service to a Router mode Hub(3/4/5) + your device with the link below.

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats.

Share the results (screen shot) of the full test.


I didn’t have time to run full test, had to leave for work but will get that and post the results later when I’m home