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Upgrade to Gig1

Totally frustrated by VM website.  I want to upgrade to Gig 1 and realise that I will also have to change my current VM phone to VOIP. The only way to upgrade online is to complete an order which sees me as a new customer and requires setting up new DD etc. I've repeatedly tried to upgrade via phone but no answer, no text despite being promised one. Any advice?

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Re: Upgrade to Gig1

I did through Webchat to get order and HUB4 sent out and then retention's to finalise some costs, my area does not use the VOIP phone yer (wrong colour zone, think I am in the red zone) so my phone is same as before.

News customers in the correct colour zones phones were connected to their HUB3 for VOIP so I do not see how they are going to force you to do so if not already just for swapping to a HUB4.

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