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Unacceptable packet loss and stream frame drops AGAIN

Joining in

hi all,

despite the fact i had an ongoing conversation with a very nice community manager who had helped keep me updated when i had this problem for 2 months at the end of last year, apparently me replying to her asking me to "let me know if you experience any further issues" constitutes an "unsolicited pm" so here i am, creating another thread for the exact same issue.

last time it was apparently tracked to a Signal to Noise Ratio fault that was apparently fixed at the beginning of this year, however the exact same symptoms have resurfaced over the past few days - dropping large amounts of frames when trying to livestream at a reasonable bitrate (9000kb/s), with the bitrate actually being achieved fluctuating between 9000 and 900 in a way that makes watching the stream unbearable. this time, the virgin media diagnostics checker does actually show a fault rather than an api error but provides no further details on what the fault is or whether it'll take another 2 months to be fixed. some communication would be greatly appreciated as this is impacting my income massively

thanks, joe





Does the automated faults number provide any further clues : 0800 561 0061