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Ultimate Oomph bundle 500

this post is for those who are on the virginmedia Ultimate Oomph bundle 500.i am trying to find out how many people on this package have been told by virgin that you are not entitled to next day engineer to come out the next day to fix any issues with virgin broadband service. when it clearly states in black and white on there web site 

Who is eligible for a next day engineer?

Anyone with the Ultimate Oomph bundle is eligible for the service

When do I need to contact Virgin Media to ensure a next day appointment is available?

Call before 7pm Monday to Friday for a next day appointment. If you call on Saturday, the engineer will be booked for the following Monday.

Which time slots are available?

There are two, 8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm.

to me this is a contract from virgin to the customer who is eligible for the service. if this is correct why is it over the last 6 months now we had issues with the service and we never had a option for a next day engineer it always takes 3-4 days for them to come out ? and without any kind of compensation

today we spoken to virgin retentions dept about our issues with the broadband problem that we have had over the last 3 days we been in touch everyday now with them and told her the issues are still there and we was told by her that we are not entitled to a next day engineer and was told it be 4 days for next availble engineer to come out. we told her that under our package (Ultimate Oomph bundle 500 )  package and we should be entitled to that next day service as we phone well within the time scale and told her its in black and white on their website. BUT she still won't have it.

so my question to you all on the Ultimate Oomph bundle have you been told the same ? have you had a next day engineer out as promised if you had issues ?




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Re: Ultimate Oomph bundle 500

No chance at the moment phone lines say busy and they using covid as an excuse still...

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Re: Ultimate Oomph bundle 500

Do you have a complete loss of service? 

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