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Total Loss of Service

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I encountered some issues with my broadband on 18th July, engineer came out on 20th and diagnosed a damaged cable and booked a re-pull from the cabinet to outside the house. Replaced superhub to the latest one. This is very sensitive and just keep re-booting after experiencing RX errors

I experienced TLS on the evening of the 22nd (before this it was unusable but connected - screengrabs from think broadband at the end)

Re-pull booked for 10th Aug - no show and told numerous things from CS. Required 2 men, blockage in pipe etc. Rebooked for 11th Aug, no show. 

Now booked for 21st Aug. But I have lost confidence in CS, is this date correct?? Will connection be restored then or is this just civil works?

Offered £33 compensation for 3 weeks lost service, upped to £50 when challenged. Declined this as Ofcom 'automatic' scheme is £9 a day not a pro-rata of bill cost.

Raised a complaint on Friday 11th and promised call back within 48 hours. No call

Raised a follow up complaint on Monday 14th. Neither of these show on my account.

I am soon to be 30 days without any service so eligible to cancel my contract I assume?


18th July


19th July


20th July


21st July 


22nd July 



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18th July18th July19th July19th July20th July20th July21st July21st July

22nd July22nd July

Hi @lglynn 👋.

Thanks for the updates. To look into this further we would like to bring you into a private message. Please look out for the envelope on the top right of your web browser or if you are using a mobile device it will be located under your profile icon.



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To follow up on this

I am no longer a Virgin Media customer (after 16 years without interruption) as i cancelled due to 30 continuous days with no service. The following 30 days I continued to have no service, and the repair work was cancelled due to my cancellation (and the fact BT were installing my FTTP when the contractors arrived to do the repair work)

The cause of my loss of service was damage/break in the cable away from the property. This couldnt be repaired, so a re-pull was arranged. The re-pull couldn't be completed due to the pipe/conduit being blocked between my property and the cab.

I spoke to Virgin a couple of days ago to check on the status of my 'Automatic' compensation claim....this is the fun part. One one phone call (which lasted 1hr 20 mins, with around 10 mins of actually speaking to someone) I was told two things....I am not eligible for compensation as I am no longer a customer, and I am not eligbible for compensation as my issue doesnt qualify after being assessed.

Could you please let me know which part of Total Loss of Service for 60 days doesnt qualify for Total Loss of Service compensation please, but which did allow you to waive the early disconnection fee?

I have had a call back from Mark, which was promised (even though i requested an email so everything is in writing). However I wasn't available to take the call. He left a voicemail saying I can call back if I am still not satisfied....I really dont have the appetite for another 1hr 20 mins call to customer services, to then be told i'll get a call back (which may or may not happen but I must make sure i am ready to answer)

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I have just called you back as per Marks voicemail (which was to call back if my complain is unresolved - despite being offered no resolution!!). Spoke to someone who said they would just go and speak to her manager and then proceeded to cut me off!!! If this happened once, then yes it could be an accident. But it has happened many times when calling 'customer services' and raising an issue which the call centre dont want to deal with.

Virgin medias customer service is an absolute joke currently

Can you just send me a deadlock letter so I get this resolved asap please

Hey Liam.

hanks for the update on everything, apologies for the call drop, we had a minor update to the telephony systems inhouse and it caused a disruption that we did not expect. I am having a look into this, they have spoken to a manager about this but I am not in contact with that manager, but I will send the request off to the team for manual review. Just so that I can be quick with this, can I get all specific dates for loss of service?


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Hi Sabrina,

Thanks for the response

My services went off totally on 22nd July, and remained this way until my services terminated on the 20th September



Hi there @lglynn 

Thank you so much for updating, are you able to pop a private message over to Sabrina with this information so they can take a look into this directly? 

Thank you.