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I've never experienced a company like this. After years of being with talk talk I was persuaded to move over to virgin. Never regretted anything so bad. First they insist I can have a self install router which I told them I couldn't. They insisted and sent the router. As I said I didn't have the correct fittings. I was then told I had to wait two weeks for an engineer. Two weeks with no Internet. Then the guy comes, sets it up and tells us there may be some issues caused from whatever cables are outside. I pay for 100mb and I get 7mb wireless. I decided to use the ethernet for my PlayStation and its unplayable. My neighbour is also with virgin so I ran an ethernet from his router to my PlayStation. It ran perfectly. I've been trying for nearly two weeks to speak to somebody over this issue. I would of cancelled by now if I could get hold of a person to speak with. Can someone please get in touch and cancel this service and refund me the money you're taking for absolutely nothing. Thanks

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