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Terrible speeds

Hi, we get terrible intermittent speeds on our hub. One minute it works fine and the next it’s down to 50-100mbps on a number of devices. We have had an engineer out who took of an open ended port and reduced the upload speed. However the issue continues to prevail. Although I’m not in the same room as the router I expect that WiFi should be able to pass through a stud wall as I can’t be permanently attached to the router, that is the purpose of WiFi. Anyone else have similar issues? We pay for 300

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Re: Terrible speeds

When you say "on a number of devices", can you elaborate?

Your cable connection should be providing 300-350 Mbps, but the router will share that out over the available devices.  So if you'd got three PCs connected via a cable, then when they're using the connection at the same time they'd be getting 350 / 3, so just under 117 Mbps.  If only one was using the connection, then you'd see 350 on that device.

If you're using wifi devices, then the router will again share out the bandwidth, but you'd expect different speeds depending on the device specification, the wifi signal, and what other wifi traffic there is.  Typically you'd see most devices connecting to your 2.4 GHz signal max out around 80 Mbps even if no other devices are using your connection.  If you've got devices connected to the 5 GHz signal then a premium device might achieve around 200 Mbps, but the 5 GHz speeds drop quite rapidly with the distance to the Hub.  And apart from that you'd see lower speeds.  

That has offered some explanation, but probably hasn't given you a solution.  I wonder what the "engineer" was doing, since your upload is on completely different frequencies to your download, and the speed of upload has nothing to do with your download capacity, but that's a bit rhetorical.

1) If a wired connection to the Hub is consistently showing 300-350 Mbps, then that's fine.  If it varies (and there's no other active connected devices) then there's an upstream connection problem that requires VM to fix.  But you still will see a very mixed range of wifi speeds.

2) If your wired connection is consistently 300-350, the speed issue is probably the combination of limitations in wifi technology and the devices you're connecting.  You could possibly get better wifi speeds by replacing the Hub 3 router with a premium grade router made by somebody like Asus, but that's £200 or so AND there's no guarantee things will improve if the wifi constraints are the connected devices, or a local problem like interference.

Sorry I can't offer you advice that guarantees you much faster connection, but this is the nature of wifi - more magic than science.


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Re: Terrible speeds

WiFi will indeed pass through a stud wall but you have to experiment with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz to find out which is less worse.

You could try homeplugs, but performance varies hugely.

The only guaranteed way to get top performance is to drill a hole through the wall for an Ethernet cable.

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Re: Terrible speeds

Just to add to Andruser's very helpful reply, an alternative to an additional router would be a simpler and much cheaper WiFi Access Point, which would provide the same improved WiFi coverage but continuing to use the router within the VM Hub. 

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