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Terrible speed

Joining in

Only getting 40mb 

I am on M200 

this is ridiculous why should I pay for a speed I don’t even get? 

if this doesn’t improve I am leaving without a cancellation fee 🙃



"the speed you get" = "the speed the device draws"

40Mb/s suggests the results are of a WiFi device connected at 2.4Ghz.

To find the speed to the Hub and also of the device try the link below.

Once the test begins, click on Run full test  to the upstream speeds.

It says 350 router - 350 device 


can I turn 2.4 off through my wifi? 

350 router - 350 device is fine.  You don't need to do anything.

Don't turn the 2.4Ghz WiFi off on the Hub, 2.4Ghz provides a longer range service for when the device is out of range for 5GHz.

Just managed to turn it off