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Superhub VH 2.5

I would like to thank the engineer that attended my hub problem, who identified that the one of the updates it received totally  fried it brain, over te passed few weeks my hub kept having to be reset and in shear frustration i called  the help line and an engineer was dully summoned, he identified that according to him that I had a "spike" on my installation and i needed a 'rewire" (had extended the termination point in my house adding about 20 meters on length, this being done with (Virgins NTL's cable and joints)it had been fine for 4+ years, all was fine after the engineer left for about 2 days then i lost all connectivity and called the help center again and another engineer attended and found that the hub was at fault not my wiring (unknown to me that Virgin has updated down the cable to my hub causing it to malfunction (these are the engineers words not mine) so he fitted the dreaded Hub3, so far all has been well although i don't use the wifi function having fitted a "mesh" system in my house, the first engineer also wondered why i chose to have all appliances which could be wired done this way ( cheeky B) all is as it should be now 200+ cheers to the young man.

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