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Sub 400kbps speed

My internet has been completely unusable for the last 4 days.

For the last 3 weeks my internet drops at 00:10 +/- 10 minutes. now I cannot even get over 1Mbps up or down, I've had to miss a days work.

I've done all the steps to try fix this myself, even reset my router, it was getting Access denied for 30 minutes for the internet this morning.

Phone lines are dead, how do I get this fixed? I've had to by a 4g dongle to tide me over.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Sub 400kbps speed

Send me a pm with postcode, account number and area code if you know this and I will look into it for you.

To PM me, just hover over my profile picture and click Send Message when the option comes up. Please don't post any of the info I've asked for in this thread as it's public

Thanks Scott

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