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Streaming media slow? Anyone else?


Anyone else finding streaming media is broken? Youtube in particular.

Speed tests are fine, and no packet loss on BQM.

All ports are at 1gig and stable.

Just trying to work out if its my network or virgins/youtube.

Thanks guys.

Anything above 1080p stutters and stops. If you move to another point on a video it often just sits there, no network activity at all.


My Broadband Ping - M500 Hub5 Router Mode


Its also happening on mobile devices connected via wifi.

My Broadband Ping - M500 Hub5 Router Mode

Yeah, I am getting issues!

1080p videos seem ok, but anything else is just buffering the heck out.

Tried on my Phillips TV app (Wired), FireTV 4k Stick (Wifi 5Ghz) and Chome Cast Utlra (Wireless 5Ghz), all BAD!

PC Hardwired works!!!!

Tried the following:

Reset FireTV Stick to Factory settings - No Joy
Changed DNS providers (I use a 3rd party router) - No Jo
Rebooted all devices in the chain - No Joy
Change Wireless Channels - No Jo

I thought it was just me, but I also have this issue. Normally 1440p or 4K YouTube stuff has no problem, but since this morning, lots of buffering. Up to 1080p is fine (except 60fps videos).

Wired PC connection for me has the buffering issue. Same issue with TV and TiVo box - both are wired, buffer issue with >1080p stream content. Wireless is even worse but I use a 3rd party router that is starting to show its age.

I wonder if its some kind of traffic shaping that VM are doing at the moment?

On our wavelength

Yep me too.

Just Youtube for me - everything else works fine, including speedtests but YT just keeps stopping all the time at HD resolutions.

On Gig1 in B28 area.

At least I know it's not just me!

Yeah, also on Gig1!

CO1 area in Colchester.

Speed tests work fine on both the Chrome TV and on my PC and router.


Alessandro Volta

Must be a area CDN thing all good here.


On our wavelength

Well Birmingham and Colchester aren't exactly close so I'm not sure it's an area thing exactly.


It's definitely a routing issue though so will be affecting certain people depending on their location in the overall network topology rather than geographical location 🙂

On our wavelength


Glad I stumbled across this thread been pulling my hair (what's left of it anyway) today. Can this be escalated to the VM moderators, please? I am in the B11 area. This seems like a CDN issue.

Working on my FireTV stick as of now.

Let's see how long this lasts