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Still no volt benefits after waiting

Dear All,

Despite signing up for a new O2 contract last month and aligning the addresses on both the accounts some time ago (>14 days), unfortunately, the volt speed increase has not been applied on my VM account.

Incidentally, my O2 account also doesn't allow me to select double-data either as I have a feeling according to their systems I apparently can’t get virgin media at my address even though I am writing this message using it right now (and have had it for over three years!)

Please could you advise best course of action to enable the speed increase on my VM account?
I didn't really want to have to call up someone, so if I could resolve via chat or here that would be great.

Thank you for any input that you can provide.

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Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: Still no volt benefits after waiting

Hello @i_saw_drones,

Welcome back, thanks for posting.

I am sorry for the issue with your Volt package, have you checked to make sure your first and last name match exactly with your O2 account and your Virgin account? Also the address being exactly the same?

Many thanks,

Forum Team

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