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Speeds not matching connection

Joining in

Hi , so I've purchased  the 1gb Internet,   I have a WiFi pod in the same room as my PlayStation thats also connected by ethernet , 

TThe hub speed says I'm pulling 1gb , my WiFi speed test will vary from 2mbs - 600mbs 

But my PlayStation  or xbox won't go over 60mbs WiFi or ethernet ccable this is the highest I've  been able to get it , average is between 3mbs and 20mbs , 


How can i solve this please ? Theres no consistency 




Fibre optic

I remember my initial upgrade from TalkTalk 35Mbs to Virgin M200. My son was super excited that he would download files very fast but max we got was about 50Mbs LOL.

After some google search we had to change the DNS server on PlayStation setting to

Primary and Secondary and this did increase the speed. But I don't think we ever got the max speed to match M200 as there maybe limitation from the PlayStation server. Below is some bedtime reading for you 🙂

M125 Volt powered by TP-Link Archer AX55


"I have a WiFi pod in the same room as my PlayStation" -  Oh la la ... that is a classic school boy error !

DNS changes are only required if the VM DNS is not working or you wish to bypass Child & Virus Safe.

Place the VM Pod correctly i.e. mid way between the Hub and the Rooms needing better coverage.

Why I'd it an error when I want better coverage in that room and to connect it via ethernet ? 


1) Using the VM Pod as an external Wi-Fi adaptor is just another form of Wi-Fi connection.

2) Having the VM Pod close to the Playstation means it is totally redundant at that location

3) Use a longer network cable to run from the Hub direct to the Playstation if an Ethernet connection is desired


Run this link in a web browser to see Hub and device speeds ...

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats.

The speed at the Hub should reflect your subscription.
The speed any WiFi device draws data at is limited by its data needs and technical abilities.

okay moving the pod seems to have stabilised it but still not getting anywhere near top speed on console -

do you know why when i log onto - to look at setting or attempt to port forward my ps5 hub3 comes up when i have a hub 5 ? so not been able to get into it 


The best speeds over Wi-Fi with a Hub and the VM Pod i.e. a Repeater are not possible because using even 1 repeater halves the bandwidth due to the half duplex nature of Wi-Fi.

Some of the first Hub 5's had a blooper in the firmware that said Hub 3, amazing how bad a tiny typo can look.
But that should not stop you using the Hub's menus.  

i see okay , thanks for the info here , if possible would you suggest moving the hub into the office/games room ? 

i cant access the hub menus unfortunately it tells me the password is wrong while showing hub 3, on the rare occasion it shows hub 5 installer it always crashes  


VM charge a flat fee of £25 to re-cable for a Hub in a different room.

Perhaps a 60 second press on the rear RESET button would revert the Hub to the factory passwords.