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Joining in

What sort off speed does people get on the m600 package. My daughter is on the basic package and her internet it more than twice has fast. We have had them out around 15 times. Our Tv will not work when we hard wire it to the virgin box it freezes the engineer answer was run it on WiFi but it buffers on streaming. Virgin keep fobbing us of. WiFi is very poor. With boosts in the living room only 14 ft away from router. They keep telling us to reboot the router. Resolves it for a couple of days only.



The link below speed tests the service to a Hub in Router mode.

Once the test begins click on : Run full test to include the upstream figures.

The speed to the Hub should reflect the M600 subscription rate. The speed to a WiFi device could be much lower.

Share the full results for discussion.

The speed is at 85 upload and 35 down load hardware. WiFi is 31 download and 37 upload. Virgin are saying that’s ok but we are paying for a lot fast speed

It says router at 661 download load but only arriving at 38.2 download on tablet on pc router 652 upload on pc 92.9

So the service at the HUB is OK. Lets look at the devices.

The tablet sounds like it is connected on the 2.4Ghz band an 802.11n connection would give results up to about 50Mb/s.

The PC at 92 Mb/s down, if that PC has a 1Gb/s network adaptor the link appears to have de-rated to 100Mb/s this is normally due to a cable that is out of spec or has internal damage.  A new CAT6A cable will fix this - assuming the PC does have the 1Gb/s network adapter.

The PCs connection speed can be checked in the Hub menu >> Connected devices and also by looking at the Status of the PC network adaptor.