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Speed Issues since essential works at end of Sep

Joining in

Hi Forum / Forum team 

Hoping someone can help get our issues resolved! Posting here after my wife was advised to do so this afternoon after contacting Virgin Twitter for help. We are signed up to an M100 Fibre broadband package and previously before the issues began, would average around 100mbps.


The Issue so far:

28th Sep - Virgin carried out essential works in our area - BN15. Service was intermittent as to be expected whilst this happened. Works were completed within a couple of days and we received a text confirming this and to restart our hub router if we experienced issues. We did this and saw no improvement but decided to give it a couple of days just in case.

Our speeds had dropped significantly and were now getting a 10th of our usual speed consistently if we were lucky, but speeds now range between 1mbps to 10mbps. We contacted customer service and arranged for an engineer to attend as we had seen no improvement (about a week and a half after work was completed). The hub router's green arrow lights have been flashing constantly since the works and we tried all the usual troubleshooting options as advised on multiple occasions.

The engineer attended and checked our hub router, cables, etc, and switched out our original cable just in case but he came to the conclusion that it was the recent works/firmware updates at the external box causing problems, as we were the 3rd customer he had attended already with the same issue that day. He said the estimate for a fix would be within the next week.

No improvements after a week and seems like the issue was still being investigated. We raised a complaint (which hasn’t been answered) and have since raised another couple which isn’t even showing on the account as we are paying for a service we are not receiving.

A month later we are still having the same consistent issues and struggling to contact customer services for any resolution. My wife tried twitter and they advised posting here as they wanted to investigate further and the forum teams would pick up from there. They indicated that there may be an issue with the service received to the hub or the green arrows flashing pointed to an area fault causing issues with the wireless.


I’ve also added two screenshots of the speed test we were asked to do today – both a wireless (1st pic) and wired (2nd pic)  via the Virgin website. Hopefully, the team can help further and get us back up and running.





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Kraze88


Thank you so much for your first post to our community forums and welcome to the team, it's great to have you on board. 


I am so sorry to hear that you are facing these issues with your connection! 


I have had a look on our side and can see that there are some issues that will need an engineer to attend. 


I will pop you a PM now so we can arrange this, please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of your screen alerting you to a new message. 


Thank you. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello again, 


Thanks so much for your private message and confirming your address, I have now booked you a visit for your connection issues – you can check the date and time via your online account here. If you have any issues with accessing your online account or unable to see your visit, please do let us know and we’ll pop you a message to confirm.


There will be no charge for this visit unless:
• The technician diagnoses the faults as not being caused by our network/equipment 
• The technician discovers that the fault or problem relates to your equipment
• The technician discovers that the fault or problem relates to any system that we are not responsible for

The technician will confirm during their visit if any of these instances apply, and if so, a £25 charge will be applied to your account. 

Please ensure there is someone over the age of 18 present at the time of the visit. If you need to change or cancel your appointment you can do this online or via the My VM app by 4pm the day before the appointment.

If you do miss an agreed appointment for any reason, a £25 missed appointment charge will be applied to your account on the day of the appointment.


Thank you.