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Speed Issues for nearly a year now.

Okay so basically I don't really have the time to sit on the phone for near 3 hours on hold with the hours I work so I can never get through the one time I did manage to back in August they sent me out a new modem and told me there was issues in my area, I installed the new modem and waited a week or so same old nothing improved, Few months on til now, Which they are still telling me months later its the same issues, The speeds are awful and I'm getting 51mbps, Out of my 200+ I should be getting the internet cuts out half the time randomly and takes sometimes a few hours to come back on, Then when I get onto the phone to them 3 hours later they try telling me my computer can't handle the speeds I pay for yet my computer supports 2.5g Ethernet LAN, so explain that to me? It doesn't make sense which I tried arguing over the phone and he decided to hang up after me being on the phone for hours as per usual. A friend of mine has the exact same motherboard with the same LAN and he gets his 500mbps he pays for yet I don't and its my hardware's fault? So he then goes on to argue that the iPhone in the household can support the speeds I pay for yet when I told him that the speeds I received were still only 70 of the 200+ he went silent and had nothing to say? 

This has been going on from the start of summer and I'm honestly fed up. I could be getting the same performance for £15 from EE or anywhere else. Not bloody £60 a month for this its ridiculous and feels like daylight robbery, I don't get any emails answered or anything so nothing ever gets resolved. 

Anyone have any ideas of what I can do or the best way to take this up? I refuse to pay this any more its disgusting and the way customers are treated is brutal itself.

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