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Slower Broadband Speed

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I am currently on the Virgin M200 (now M250 with the recent upgrade), Maxit TV and Talk weekends and evening package until May 2020.

I have only been getting a maximum of 150Mbps for the last 2 weeks and any point of the day.

I have the Virgin Hub 4.0 which is set to Modem mode and connects to a UDM Pro via Ethernet Cat 6a. I have done numerous power recycles on the Hub and UDM Pro with no effect. Interesting, the Hub keeps saying it needs a reboot (pulsing red light at top of hub) after first reboot but connects on second reboot...

I have even put the Virgin Hub back in router mode with no difference in speed. I did speak to someone on Virgin webchat who confirmed I am on the M250 package and not being throttled. Virgin own Diagnotics shows no issue either.

I have not changed any of my setup in any way, so assume something down the chain at Virgin's ends has limited me to 150Mbps. When 200Mbps was working, I could get as high as 215Mbps when testing speed. I never go above 150Mbps at the mo..

Anyone have any suggestions that suggest I am missing something or can someone from Virgin shed some light on the matter and solve it.

I have been offered a great deal by Sky as my road was recently upgraded tto FTTH and I am tempted at the moment, but still on contract!



Joining in

Solved it!

I had Jumbo Frames turned on in the UDM Pro. Turned that off and all working great now! 

Thought I would leave this here for anyone else that has a similar issue.


Hello JasonH76.

Thanks for the update and fix.

Pretty sure lots of people will find this very useful.

Should you have any other issues, please head back in this direction and we can do our best to help.