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Slowdown in the evening

On our wavelength


First I'm an IT person so I've tried the obvious...

I have a Hub 3.0 and the contract is Volt 350.  We also have O2 sim only so should get a boosted deal.

I also have the hub in MODEM mode, and use a Sophos UTM as a router.  I say this as I don't want to have a conversation with 1st line support who will want me to rejig the house setup to use the hub in router mode if its I can help it.    Typically I get about 200m bps.  I know it could be higher but I'm gessing there is an overhead in the appliance but dont worry to much.
Recently in the afternoon our speeds drastically dropping according to,  it coud be contention but I'm also see ing CM errors.    My PC that I test on is wired to a gigabit switch and on to the router, so its dont think its a slow device creating I'd see that all the time not just the evening

This morning (8am)  I got about 190 ish MBPS but tonight (17:47) speedtest is reporting 28.85 mbps. 

I think this is probalby going to need a engineer call out, There are lots of RCS errors in the network log (mac partially redacted), I'm just looking for some confirmation before I fight first line support and a fixed script about going to router mode on the hub....

Can someone case an eye over it and say if it looks OK or do I need someone to do some local testing?

Downstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID
1307000000538256 qam22
2139000000330256 qam1
31470000003.531256 qam2
41550000004.132256 qam3
51630000003.932256 qam4
61710000003.933256 qam5
71790000004.135256 qam6
81870000004.335256 qam7
91950000004.336256 qam8
102030000004.337256 qam9
112110000004.137256 qam10
122190000003.737256 qam11
132270000003.936256 qam12
14235000000437256 qam13
152430000003.737256 qam14
162510000003.537256 qam15
172590000003.538256 qam16
182670000003.938256 qam17
192750000004.138256 qam18
20283000000438256 qam19
212910000004.340256 qam20
222990000004.638256 qam21
233150000005.440256 qam23
243230000005.540256 qam24



Hi gjchester,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry to see that you outside box is currently broken and needs repairing. We will be more than happy to get an engineer arranged to come and fix this issue for you.

So, I can get this arranged for you, I will pop you over a private message to take some details, please click on the private message to accept the chat.

Kind regards Jodi. 

On our wavelength

Thanks for getting back to me..

Hi gjchester,

Thanks for getting back to me, please can I ask you to respond to my private message please. We want to keep you and your details safe on this public platform. I have sent you another private message over, please click on the envelope at the top of the page to accept my private chat.

Thanks very much, Jodi. 

Hi gjchester,

Thanks for coming back to via private message to confirm your information.

I have booked you in for the next available appointment. To view this please sign into My Virgin Media here: My VM. Once logged in, scroll down to Orders & appointments then click on View your orders. You can also view this in the My VM app. If you have any issues with accessing your account or unable to see your visit, please do let us know and we’ll pop you another message to pass data protection and then confirm the appointment details.

Just to confirm, there will be no charge for this visit unless:

The technician diagnoses the fault as not being caused by our network/equipment 
The technician discovers that the fault or problem relates to your equipment
The technician discovers that the fault or problem relates to any system that we are not responsible for
The technician will confirm during their visit if any of these instances apply, and if so, a £25 charge will be applied to your account.

Please ensure that someone over the age of 18 is at the property for the time the engineer is there. If the appointment is unsuitable or if anyone living at your property has tested positive for Coronavirus, has been asked to self-isolate or has flu-like symptoms then please reschedule the appointment on the same link. If you do miss the appointment for any reason, a £25 missed appointment charge will be applied to your account on the day of the appointment, so it is important to reschedule if needed.

Let us know how the appointment goes.

Kind regards Jodi.