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Slow upload

Joining in

Got a virgin connection with a few cameras in and the upload speed is really poor , getting 0.30  have rebooted router , download is ok I guess at 65Mbps . Are there any ports to open or should it just work, seemed to be ON until last Thursday. 


Alessandro Volta

Which contract speed are you on?  Are the cameras wired or Wi-Fi? 

You shouldn't need ports opened for uploading, might need to for remote access. 


Thanks for replying , the contract speed is 100Mb down , the cameras are hard wired to an analogue DVR on H264 compression & resolution is quite low less than 1Mp per camera. It was working fine up until last week.

Alessandro Volta

Should be OK with that setup.  Was your speed test done with the DVR connected?  If so measure it again with it unplugged.

Go to your hub with a browser, copy and paste here (as text) the upstream, downstream and log data so your broadband connection can be checked. 

Called Virgin and system speed seems to be back to normal now, can see all cameras, so all good. Thanks 

Thanks for the update @ecotecs, and a very warm welcome to our Community Forums!

Do feel free to keep us in the loop if this issue re-emerges.

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