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Slow speeds

Joining in

So, it appears I'm the same as alot of people at the minute. Supposedly on Gig1... before anyone mentions devices, my setup hasn't changed, using a Linksys WiFi 6 mesh, ALWAYS got around 950mbps on speeds tests... this past two weeks I'm getting average 123mbps.

One thing I noticed is when I login to router and status the locked speed doesn't appear correct. My broadband went down for 3 days and it's been since that speeds have been terrible. It's bad to the point event my VM TV services are glitching and pixelating so assuming its a network problem.

I've restarted VM router and Mesh router and no luck.


Any help appreciated before I jump ship.


Joining in

Have you tried a pin hole reset and making sure all your cables are in securely? Also check for the speed going to your modem