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Slow speeds every evening (area 03)

My broadband speeds have taken on a definite pattern over the past few days, dropping from a pretty constant 160Mbps down to a very poor 25Mbps at around 20:00 (just when I’m in most need), going back to 160Mpbs at 02:00 (when I'm not...).
I can be fairly certain of these speeds as I’m signed up to the SamKnows / OFCOM monitoring service and can see these patterns in the data (as in, this is not a localised WiFi connectivity problem).
I have restarted my router a number of times but the pattern continues.
Possibly (almost certainly?) related, I had a letter a few weeks ago telling me of planned network maintenance on 16th March and that my broadband would be unavailable as a result. As it turns out the outage didn't impact my day and it all came back pretty quickly, but I have been left with this issue.
Is anyone out there able to shed some light on why this is happening and what can be done to fix it?
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Slow speeds every evening (area 03)

Hi flb2001,

Thanks for posting!

Really sorry to hear you're having trouble with your connection.

I've located your account and I can see an issue with the network in your are affecting speeds at peak times. I've passed this over to one of my colleagues to give you more information.

All the best! Smiley Very Happy


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