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Slow speeds and even worse service

I've been with Virgin Media for my broadband for many many years. The last 4 years I've been on the M200 package and during that whole time, the speed never dropped below 200mbps, usually sitting around 220mbps.
Last month I upgraded to the M500 package which aims to give 500mbps. Before I'd even hung up the phone in ordering the upgrade, I was already getting speeds in excess of 500mbps.

However, now, a month later, I'm getting an average of 70-90mbps. So despite the fact I'm now supposed to be getting 2.5 times the speed I was getting for the last 4 years, I'm now getting less than a fifth of the speed I'm paying for. Again, I'm now on M500 and getting less than 90mbps, even though I got a steady 200mbps for years on a lower down service. No hardware or software has been changed and I haven't moved house.

I went onto the Virgin website to try and see if there was a registered issue, and as usual, the worse than aweful website Virgin Media has failed several times before eventually telling me there were no known service issues. So I ran a test using their website specifically on my service which again said there's no options. The page then says "we've got some tips for you to try" and has a big purple button below it saying "show options". However, the button doesn't work, it doesn't even try and direct me to a new page. Looking at the source code, the button is supposed to direct me to this URL but even forcing my browser to go there just returns a Virgin Media 404 page.

The online chat system is terrible and there's no way to speak to anyone to ask why they are not providing me with the service I'm paying them for.

I can't believe that a company specialising in communications technology, not only is not providing the communications services, but also has a useless website, and completely non-existent customer service.

I feel really bad, I recommended Virgin to a friend last year as I'd been getting such a stable connection of 200mbps for so long, but they are taking months to even get around to installing the cable for him and send him a notification every day saying they are on their way to do it but don't.

Such a useless company, so disappointed! 

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
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Re: Slow speeds and even worse service

Hi @ByteSlinger 

Which hub are using for your M500 connection?

You should post your router stats so the tech guru's can cehck your connection and see if they can help.

  1. Use your browser to navigate to (Modem Mode users will need to go to
  2. Superhub and Superhub 2/AC will find “Router Status” in the right hand corner. Click this to access your hub stats. Hub 3 users will find “Check Router Status” below the log in screen to access this information.
  3. Copy and paste your Downstream, Upstream and Network log into your post

You may get an error when posting, if yuo do ignore it and just press Post again and it will be accepted. You'll probably need to make 2 or 3 posts to show all the stats.

It will also be helpful if you set up a BQM monitor  at - this will give you an insight into what is happening with the signal at the other side of the Hub, it will take a few hours to get any kind of trend showing although you can post the link straight away.

Instructions for posting BQM Link

Under your BQM graph are two links in red.

Click the lower link (Share Live Graph) then click generate.

Copy the text in the Direct Link box, beware, there may be more text than you can see.

On here click the Link icon (2 links chain to the left of the camera icon)

 In the URL box paste the link you copied and then click OK.


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Forum Team
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Re: Slow speeds and even worse service

Hi @ByteSlinger,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear you're having some problems with your connection recently. I can see that @newapollo has offered some advice that may help matters. Have you followed these yet?


Zach - Forum Team

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