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Slow speeds and dropouts since upgrade to 300mb


I was recently upgraded to Vivid 300 from a now-dead Vivid 200 gamer package. 

Ever since, I have frequent dropouts where all of my networked devices, including via ethernet directly to the router, lose connectivity and can't access the router by IP. 

Every night the router drops out about 8-10pm, it seems to try to perform a firmware upgrade (the password I've chosen for the settings page keeps switching back to default after the dropout). However often it doesn't come back at all until I physically power it down for a while and back up.

Yet again tonight I have the same issue - extremely slow speeds (0.15 down, 0.1 up - from a wired device). Frequent dropouts and inability to contact the router via the IP, device starts rebooting itself multiple times.

Could someone please check to confirm the upgrade was applied successfully and take a look at why my router equipment keeps dropping out?

FYI my home setup is a Virgin hub downstairs and an Asus RT-N66U in AP mode upstairs, connected to the Virgin router by a long cable (essentially acting as a switch for my NAS and desktop PC upstairs, plus wireless AP). Both are outputting the same wireless SSID but the virgin box fails to perform a graceful handover to the Asus AP, which is excruciatingly annoying, but that's a different problem...

I'm a network engineer by trade so don't be afraid to get techy if you want me to test anything on my end. Thanks!

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Re: Slow speeds and dropouts since upgrade to 300mb

Hi steveshaw83, 


Thanks for getting in touch, I am sorry to see you have been having trouble with your wireless connection. 


I have taken a look and your downstream power levels are a touch on the low side which may be causing issues. 


I would like to get an engineer out to take a look at your connection. 


I will pop you a PM to get this arranged. 


Keep an eye out for the Purple Envelope, top right hand corner. 


Speak to you soon. 



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