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Slow speed on M100

Good morning. Sorry if this has been asked before.

I recently have very slow speeds on my home wifi. Usually I did get 108 Mb/s but recent couple of days only 11 Mb/s. Last check that was OK was on 10.12 and it was 111/10.

Devices connected:

Apple TV-wifi

2 Homepods-wifi

3 Homepod minis-wifi

2 Ipads-wifi

2 Mobile phones-wifi.

When I am using Apple TV or have used it before the speed was always around 100 Mb/s. I am not downloading, streaming anything when using Apple TV. Also my wifi speed on devices was always around 80Mb/s, now just 11.

I have not changed any Hub 3 settings. I have restarted modem couple of times. 

Speed checks done with VPN off. No issues in my area apparently (SG19).

Haven't done Hard Reset yet-should I?

Any useful info more than welcome.Thank you

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