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Slow speed on M100 package and frequent connection drops

We have the M100 package but find we are losing connection to the router/wifi about a dozen times a day. Even when connected in an evening the speed is terrible. I tried a speed test last night and got 2MB and 6MB this morning which is well below the minimum speed guaranteed.

I've tried on 3 consective nights to complete a 20 round game on COD and the connection always fails before I can finish it, which is infuriating.

I've tried to follow all the self help tips but nothing has really helped. I've also tried to upgrade the package to M200 but the website keeps reporting I cannot upgrade online and the bot (when I can get on) just goes round in circles.

Happy to upgrade if that's whats needed, but can't see how to actually contact anyone about doing so.

Desperately need some help please.

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Re: Slow speed on M100 package and frequent connection drops

To be honest upgrading your speed is not going to help if you have problems with your connection.

What speed do you get on with direct wired connection from PC/Laptop to router using a Cat 5e cable or better with a 1Gbps capable Ethernet network card?

  1. Make sure the cable is Cat 5e or better
  2. Make sure your PC/laptop has a 1Gbps or better network card
  3. Make sure Hub is NOT in modem mode
  4. Disconnect all other Ethernet cables when running the test

Also, try a factory reset. Hold in the pinhole at the rear of the router for at least 50 seconds and then release (the lights will flash while holding in the pinhole reset button after about 10-15 seconds) then allow 5 minutes for the router to reboot and re-sync the connection


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