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Slow single thread download speeds

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I have the 1Gb service using the Virgin Router in modem mode.  This then connects to a Ubiquity UDM pro on a 2.5Gb LAN.  I can consistently get 1130Mbps download using when using multiple streams.  However if I choose single stream the best speed I can get is about 50Mbps.  I often stream 4k video streams from a private server which is causing buffering issues.  I have restarted all the equipment.  I know the issue is with the VirginMedia side as I can stream from another site that uses a 1Gb line through a BT leased line perfectly.  I had this issue a few years ago and after many calls to Virgin support I received a call from a senior Virgin engineer who confirmed there was an issue with a switch on the VirginMedia side and that it probably needed a restart/replacement.  He said he would investigate and a couple of weeks later it was resolved.

Can anyone from VirginMedia help please?


Alessandro Volta

Odd that its only 50Mb as multiple streams would need to do like 20 thread to hit your speed that you say get....seems unlikely


I know it does seem strange but I consistently get the same results on multiple test sites.  

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

On the UDM Pro you can set up a daily speed test between the router and the network ignoring any devices. You specify within what hour you want the test run and it’s also available as a once off. I have mine set to 04:00 and always get the full speed of my 1G connection.

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I just done a very quick non scientific test and I can replicate the 50Mb single thread on - But it depends on the target server.  Some give 50 and other hit over 200, so not sure what the outcome was really  🙂

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