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Slow internet on pc on 362 mbps hub

Joining in

The hub has been recently installed on tuesday the 21st only just moved into the house on the 25 setup my computer did multiple internet tests and the speed is sitting at roughly 90-100 mbps where as on my phone on the same speed I’m getting nearly 300 but at my pervious house my pc was having zero issues at was sitting able to do 500 Mbps with sky can anyone help 


Wise owl

It sounds like your Ethernet connection, assuming your PC is using a wired connection, has negotiated at 10/100 rather than 1Gbps.

Try a different cable, and check the connection speed in the HUB settings under 'Connected Devices'. Your device will either display '100' or '1000'.


It was the cable which was ridiculous as I brought that cable the same day… but thank you and it’s all sorted now was simply a cable issue 

Hey Chiggeststeve, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community.

Thank you for letting us know this, anything you need in the near future please do give us a shout 🙂 

Matt - Forum Team

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