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Slow download speed

I’m paying for 100mb/s and only getting 31 and the price is increasing to £52.50

this is wrong and that speed was standing next to the hub


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Slow download speed

If you think that you have a BB speed problem, then to check the speeds coming in to your Hub properly, and whether they match what you should be getting, you cannot rely on wifi tests, you need to do it this way first.

Make sure your device has a gigabit network card (not a 10/100 one or “limited to that) and has the up to date drivers. Use a new Cat6 ethernet cable (old ones do "fail" and Cat6 is best) to connect it directly to the Hub - which you have put into modem mode (to ensure only your device is connected). Check speeds like that first.
If they are still low - then, boot up your device into "safe mode with networking" (to disable any software on it that could be limiting speeds). Run the tests at (try on x2 VM servers) on 2 different browsers one of which is a fresh download of one you haven’t previously used (e.g. Firefox, Opera, Safari etc - there are several reports on here of certain browsers causing speed issues).
Try that and report back what you get.

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