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Slow Speeds on 400Mbps Line (around 80-90Mbps)

Hi there,

I've had the 400Mbps fibre service for around 6 months or so. At initial install time, we were left with a line that operated at about 30Mbps, the engineer told us it was fine and would "resync" in a day. It didnt, and the engineer got called back, and they did something and it was fixed, so for around 5months I've been getting around 340-390Mbps, which I'm very happy with, and makes my work from home and my various online activities very nice indeed.

For the last 3-4 weeks, speed and "snappy-ness" has been noticably reduced, lag when syncing large files to my servers (external servers), connection drops and re-handshaking when logged into multiple RDP sessions etc etc.

Speed tests over this recent time show my line at anywhere from 50-90Mbps, which quite frankyl is unacceptable as I could just pay for a 100Mbps line and still get that. Not to mention it completely wipes out my productivity working online etc.

I was hoping some of you smart chaps and chapettes might be able to advise me of some router diagnostics that you could look at and see the state of the line? I see a lof of posts where people are talking numbers and "noise" values etc. Could I post some info here that someone could take a look at maybe??

I've tried rebooting the hub3, but it just comes back up with the same speed. I run the gigabit ethernet out of the hub3 into a gigabit switch that distributes around my house, so to avoid that being an issue, I've plugged my laptop directly into the gigabit ethernet out of the hub3, and I still get exactly the same speed. If theres any other tests I can do? I'd be very interested in doing them an dposting the results back.

Thanks, Dave.

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Re: Slow Speeds on 400Mbps Line (around 80-90Mbps)


Thank for joining in on the forum, we will try the best to get your issue resolved.

You are on our 350mbps or 500mbs service ?

As you are running speedtests on a wired connection this may be down to noise.

Can you please post your network stats from the hub
Open a Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and enter the address
Note: If you have enabled Modem Mode on your Hub 3.0 you will need to use instead.
Posting the stats by copy and paste will remove all personal information so no breaches.
Do not login but click on where it says "Check Router Stats" and then copy and post from the following 4 tabs, Downstream, Upstream, Configuration and Network logs (if they are pasted then all personal information is * out) and we can check your power level, also while you about that can you please go around and check that all connectors to VM equipment are hand tight. Also while doing this please check for any damage to cable, or un-terminated connection without either coax or a terminator.
Also please run "Check service status" at the top right of this forum and call 0800 561 0061 to check for local issues.
Also one think you can do is too signup at and setup a broadband quality monitor which will keep an eye on you connection by sending a small amout of data to the hub asking if it still on.

Regards Mike

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