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Slow Speed - Intermittent Signal Issue

Joining in

For several weeks i've been getting pretty poor download speed ~ 20-30Mbps.Ive followed the assistant, but each time I get told to check back after 24 hours to book a technician and after 24 hours the same pop up appears, no option to book a technician.

This evening I ran the Virgin Media speed test and had 120Mbps, but when i rechecked 5 minutes later it was back down to 30Mbps. 

VM1.jpgVM3.jpgVM2.jpgI'm on 125Mbps connection. 


Alessandro Volta
netsh interface tcp show global

when you get slow speed does it show
Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level : normal


Thanks for your response. 

receive window auto-tuning level: shows normal



Any further support available on this please? 

Alessandro Volta

try a new cable

what hub do you have?


It's a Hub 3 in modem mode going to an Asus RT-N66U. Had virgin media for about a year and speeds have pretty much always been on the money until the last month or so. 

Taken Hub 3 out of modem mode. Speed definitely hasn't improved. 

Pretty sure I'm below the Minimum Guaranteed Download Speed. I'd like to arrange for an engineer to visit and investigate. 


Alessandro Volta

test in modem mode without a router connect PC to hub and power off hub for 2 mins

Run a CMD
ping -t

on the download test does it spike?

It could be that VM or router past VM network are doing SFQ on a router and some people in your area are downloading with many connections bring the speed down vs HFQ but mean you buffer when you hit the available bandwidth so some thing like HFQ+SFQ would be better but don't think anyone has done.

Test on other speed test sites.


Hey Richini, thank you reaching out and I am sorry you are having some connection issues.

I have taken a look at our side and I can see you have spoke to the team already did they manage to get this resolved for you? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?