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Slow DL and UL speeds, Blocks of red on BQM, going on for a week.

On our wavelength

I'm on the Virgin 350MB service and for the last week have been seeing download speed of 80mb/s down and 20mb/s up on my 350MB package.

There's also huge amounts of packet loss on my line that i can see clearly with the BQM monitoring i've had set up since i last had issues a year or so ago.

I've run the Virgin Media service checker which says that everythings good, but then when i click troubleshoot the connection it goes on to say that there are ongoing works in my area??? Lol.

I cant find any reference to these works going on, theres no link in the msg to these works either and they've been going on for over a week.

Powering off the hub, seems to have restored some of the speed temporaily but now the speed is fluctuating and is currently below what it usually is.

Can you advise? Link to todays BQM below.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @thestraycat 

If nothing is showing under Check service status you could also try the automated  Service Status number on 0800 561 0061. 

This often gives details of more local issues down to postcode level.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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@newapollo - Thanks for the tip. However when i call the number it simply says the same thing that the service checker says. It's just a nothing-y, generic , error message about "issues taking longer than they should" with no reference id, no information, no eta, no start or end time etc. Awful that that's deemed "informing the customer" Its bad enough that the first time you click on the service outage link it says "Hey everythings fine, great and dandy!" then you click a 2nd time and the same service thenn changes it's mind and admits there are actually issues in your area and goes on to give absolutely zero detail on them... I mean, what can anyone say say when faced with the above diagnostics? It's laughable for the money of this service.

Step 1 - I get this. So i click "Still having issues"Step 1 - I get this. So i click "Still having issues"Step 2 - Then i recieve this.Step 2 - Then i recieve this.

And then calling the number it simply reiterates the point "Sorry you seem to be having issues in your postcode, just know our engineers are looking into it, it's taking longer than expected... blah blah blah"

@newapollo - Todays BQM graph, colorful isn't it!




Was you fast asleep 2am to 4am and 6am? do you have online backup?

run cmd

ping -n 400 

to see if you drop a packet or two


No i was still up and doing tests and my servers were doing tasks.

So what type of tasks?

Are you in router mode?

Likely doing a remote site backup inbetween me and a friends house. I'm more concerned with the red in the pic than my activity on it tbh.But i understand that all this noise, latency, dropped packets could be caused by ongoing engineering works... (that the virgin media tool says don't exist!) so i'm just looking for a way of looking up these 'engineering works'

My setup is HomeHub3 > Netgear R7000.

After a lot of waffle from virginmedia's support and the broken service status website, i'm being told that there is still works going on in my area... I was then told on the phone that i'd recieve a link that i can view the ongoing status of the engineering works. However as expected (and mentioned on the phone to the rep 3 times over even though she was 95% sure apparantly thati would get this email even after verifying my email.) It never turned up. So i'm none the wiser as to whats going on and have wasted yet another 30 minutes for no gain whatsoever. I just want to be able to view the ETA and works carried out on the work in my area. I was told that the works would be completed tomorrow at 3pm (however i've been disrupted for around 10-11 days now) so i'm not holding out that they will be and have no way of sanity checking anything i'm being told.

Frustrating dosn't even cut it. 


@thestraycat wrote:

Likely doing a remote site backup inbetween me and a friends house.


Is two + two four? Try doing a backup again and see what the BQM shows? was you uploading?

The packet loss when idle is one problem.


Is two + two four?

> not following you. Yes i was utilizing the line with a lot of bandwidth hence why there was more activity on the line at that time. Seems self explanatory to me. Am i missing something? I've seen this BQM activity a lot as i move a lot of data over my internet connection, it seems normal behaviour for what i've observed for over a year now on my line. The packet loss however isnt normal behaviour and that is more concerning as it's showing multiples more than it normally would and there wouldnt have been any substantial traffic at all going over the line at that time.

 was you uploading?

> uploading and downloading simultaneously.

The packet loss when idle is one problem.

> yup.